About this website

This website is not a website.

Well, clearly it is a website. Actually very much so: It's static HTML with some CSS on top and a overly generous stuffing of Javascript.

So yes, a website, but a website that in its making was reduced to the bare minimum of what it could be. As a website building studio, kartoteket.as has been on the absolute bottom of our todo lists. There is always something more pressing that has to be completed first and paying client work trumps flickering with our own little digital home.

But this January we had already decided to allocate time to inhouse and/or outlandish ideas and projects, so for a limited time we had some even more limited hours ready to spend. But still: How to build a website without anything like a normal budget, project plan, process or resources? Reduce the developmet to its absolute minimum by utilizing the amazing array of available tools and services. With that strategy, we sprinted of with the following approach:

  • Spent two hours mocking up the simplest of layouts in Adobe XD
  • Use the beautiful Inter typeface
  • Pick a gradient from UIGradients (yup, a really cheap and cheesy faux design move)
  • Spin up Nuxt.js (because it just works, it generates static files and we know it)
  • Style with tailwindcss - we are never going back
  • Spin up a Sanity Studio CMS (this one was new to us and as such a bit of indulgence, but it's very impressive and amazingly effective when creating content structures)
  • When in doubt on a web tech or SEO current best practice, look it up on nystudio107 blog
  • Quick QA by running the site through an assortment of the best audit and test tools
  • And finally deploy on push to Netlify

Excluding a day spent on getting a updated grip on structured data and a creating a module for adding json-dl, all done in 25 hours or so.

That said there are still things left to do. Including a propper thought through design, optimized font loading, more content, perhaps imagery and photos, kicking the Sanity tires and as always test, evaluate, iterate, test, evaluate, iterate, test, eavluate, iterate.